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  • Worried about the safety of an older adult?
  • Need to talk to an expert in aging and elder care?
  • Looking for local support resources that fit your needs and budget?

We can help! You don’t have to do this alone.

As nurse care consultants, we understand older adults and their special needs. We also understand the needs and limits of caregiving families.

We’re just a phone call away!

Let us help you address your concerns such as memory issues, driving worries, or the safety of a loved one’s living situation. We even assist with planning for future housing and elder care needs so you know what the options are and the likely costs.

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Let’s talk about your specific situation, your top concerns and then determine which of our services is likely the best fit for your needs.

Proactive Planning

While you may be a fairly healthy older adult now, perhaps you recognize that this could change quickly. A fall. Appendicitis. A car accident…

And then there’s the simple process of aging that will likely result in your needing more help when you get older.

Rather than be caught unawares, you would prefer to have a plan in place:

  • If you ended up in the emergency room unexpectedly, who would be there to support you?
  • As you think about your parents’ elderhood, what do you want to do differently?
  • Perhaps you have no children—or don’t want your children burdened with caregiving responsibilities—what are your options for care and how much will that cost?

We have programs to help you plan ahead so your next chapter unfolds the way you want it to—at least within the parts that can be controlled!

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And while you are at it, check out our Aging Well Blog. Every month we feature a new post about topics of interest to “well seniors” who want to make wise choices about their future.


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Caregiver Coaching

Designed especially for family members concerned about an older relative. Perhaps you just help out with errands now and then. Maybe you are a health care decision-maker. You may be worried about a loved one’s memory.  Or you may simply need someone to touch base with periodically who understands family dynamics and the normal process of aging. Someone who can give you tips about those difficult situations that keep you up at night more than they should.

Consider a caregiver coaching session! Whether you live near or far, we can help you get your bearings in the incredibly complicated elder care system.

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